Battle for Brains relocation and immigration for expats to the Netherlands


Contact B4B for freelance interim HR-assistance and/or in-house consultancy

Immigration training

As a service on demand, Battle for Brains can train your staff in the latest immigration regulations.

Tax assistance

The application of the 30% tax rule can be daunting. Call us for assistance!

Our Approach

Single point of contact

Our relocation and immigration services are characterized by our personal approach on a case-by-case basis. You will have one single point of contact during the entire process.

Carefully identifying needs

Before initiating our services, we carefully identify the needs of the stakeholders involved: is a rapid start at the local Dutch department the key issue, or is the family being able to relocate together more important for the well being of the employee? Do you wish your expatriates to be independent or taken by the hand during the relocation process? Our solutions are concrete and customized to your requirements.

I was recruited by a company that set very tight deadline for a start of my employment in The Netherlands. Since I am not an EU national, Battle for Brains were tasked with the management of this demanding process. They carefully planned the calendar, effectively communicated with myself and our HR department. I was given extensive explanations about the plan, the interim goals that were required for successful procurement of the documents and regular updates on the progress. This was always done with meticulous attention to detail. As a result, Battle for Brains achieved meeting the deadline, which in the beginning I estimated as unrealistic, thereby exceeding my expectations. Exemplary service! - Ismailov

Clear and transparent

We provide transparent support. We will provide you with a clear estimate of the time, the effort and the costs involved in the process. You will receive a clear quotation, specifying the services included. We will keep you up to date of any progress.